Wedding DJs – What’s the difference?

It’s your wedding reception and what seemed to be an easy task has become more stressful than you anticipated.  Selecting the right cake, finding that special venue, meeting with the photographer, searching for the florist and choosing the right Wedding DJ company.

Whew! That is just a few of the pieces to the puzzle that when completed will be the picture of your Wedding Day.

Let’s talk further about the title of this article the Wedding Disc Jockey.  If you haven’t already, you will find that there are many different companies/individuals out there and they will range in price and what they offer with their wedding packages to include some options that may be an extra cost.  Typically, we have set a budget for each vendor and many times the Wedding DJ is the vendor we budgeted the least for without understanding this is one of the vendors that will have your guests saying “We had a great time at your wedding!” or “The DJ was horrible!”.

How do you find the right Wedding DJ and how much should you budget?  A fair price depending on your area including the cocktail hour could range from $650 or more.  Wow! But we have a friend that will do it for $300 for 6 hours, a bride to be explained on a call recently.  I am sure that person is a great friend and of course that price is very enticing.  For us, that raises a red flag!

Now this person could be a great Wedding DJ and is cutting you deal as a close friend.  Let’s say it is the opposite, they are a friend that has maybe worked a few weddings and mostly does bars, clubs or parties.  Ask the below questions if they are all positive than your friend is the best fit.  If not we recommend continuing your search.

  • Do they have experience performing at weddings on a regular basis (at least two or three a month)?
  • If things do not go well because of your friend’s Wedding DJ abilities, how will you feel about that friend afterward?
  • Is the price too good to be true?
  • Has any of your friends or co-workers used them for their Wedding DJ or know someone that has? How was the reception?
  • What attire will they wear to your reception (Suite, Tux, Shirt, and Tie)?
  • Have they ever performed at the venue you selected and if so what is the Event Manager’s input?

These are a few questions to get the wheels turning in your mind.  If you noticed I mentioned nothing about vast music libraries, sound equipment or lighting.  Why?  These are tools your Wedding DJ will use and if they are talented these items will surely be top notch in just about all cases.

Keep in mind that you are looking for a Wedding DJ that has experience, is well liked and above all listens to what you care about.  A recommendation is to stay away from ones who talk down other DJs, focuses on themselves or claim to be the best or above the rest (the self-ego complex).

We hope this article helps, thank you for reading and Congratulations!