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Live Music At Your Wedding or Event


David A. Alberding

Receptions, Cocktail Gatherings, Ceremonies, Dinners,

Formal Events, Weddings, Corporate and Company Parties

Wedding & Event Music Live by David Alberding

“Awesome, compelling baritone and a contemporary guitar style…”

Whether on a festival stage or in a quiet listening room, David A. Alberding is creating an intimate setting. Using a dynamic, percussive guitar style, along with a rich, distinctive baritone, this Maryland native sets the stage for his cast of characters. By blending together elements of folk, rock, jazz, and blues, these characters come to life and are given a voice that shares insight into the human condition.

“The man behind the music”

Maryland has many wonderful things to its credit – the blue crab, skipjacks, beautiful seashores, and David A. Alberding. With decades of entertaining audiences, David has honed his craft. 

As a vocalist, David A. Alberding delivers every song with a compelling, heartwarming baritone. David’s impressive vocal abilities have been recognized by both the Washington Area Music Association (3 Time WAMMIE Nominee) and the Maryland State Arts Council (Governor’s Award for Artistic Excellence). His intricate acoustic guitar style incorporates elements of fingerstyle folk, country classics, and soulful rhythm and blues.

David’s influences are as varied and eclectic as the landscape of contemporary folk itself. His strong deep voice and formidable guitar skills reflect years of study blended with the influences of masters such as BB King, James Taylor, and Joe Cocker, resulting in a range that combines nimble precision with unbridled power. David’s songwriting, though unique to itself, gives a nod to the storytelling abilities and poetic imagery of such artists as Harry Chapin and Van Morrison. David writes songs that run the gamut of human emotion.

“The Music”

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