Help them feel like a special part of the celebration.

Authored by: Emily Lasnier

While a wedding is, of course, ultimately about the couple exchanging vows, it is also often about celebrating two families coming together. Whether or not your parents are helping pay for the nuptials, you likely have considered gifts and ways to include them in the big day. However, did you remember your grandparents? Sadly, many brides and grooms will have grandparents who have passed away before the vow exchange, which is why memorial tables and heirlooms are often such an important thing to include when planning.

For those who will be lucky enough to have their grandparents present on the big day, finding ways to highlight these special family members is a lovely touch that is sure to be appreciated. Below are our suggestions on how to honor your grandparents on your wedding day, aside from a more typically expected corsage or boutonniere.

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