Kids at a Wedding Reception are they a challenge?

Kids at a Wedding Reception are they a challenge?

By Mike Botzan

Published on March 14, 2018

the wedding and kidsShould you have an adults-only or invite kids to your wedding? It’s a question almost every couple struggles with at some point in their wedding planning. Whether you want to give them a spot at the reception or have them stay home with a sitter, it’s always a great idea to find a way to accommodate the children of your wedding guests. Here, are a few ideas that will be fun for the little ones and their parents.

For those who want to invite kids to their Wedding Reception, one of the hottest trends right now is a reception-within-a-reception just for kids. If you’ve got the budget for it, it’s a complete win-win! The little ones will have the time of their lives, while their parents will be free to party without guilt.

Depending on the theme of your reception you may want to hire a Kids Orientated Event Company to make a separate tent to look like your wedding theme (Beach, Ice Cave, Country, etc…). “We would recommend tricking out the tent with PlayStations or Xbox connected to Electrolinear’s Big Gaming Experience System. Craft Projects, Lego Mega building area, Giant Jenga, Sand Art Station, Super Hero Cape-Making, etc.…”kids at your wedding

However, if you’re going the adults-only route, arranging off-premises babysitting is a considerate option that will smooth the way for parents—especially out-of-town guests. Do a Google search for local babysitter-referral services; they can connect you with caretakers who are CPR-certified and have passed background checks. Set up a playroom in a hotel suite close to the reception site, or, if you have a friend who’s willing, in a nearby (and child-proofed) home.

If kids are invited to your reception, but you can’t spring for a separate event for them, hire a local sitter to oversee the kids’ table or area (typical rate: $15 to $20 per hour). This way, your guests can party worry-free (and you can save them and yourself some money by having one sitter watch the group). Some ideas for this great direction is to make up some Activity Briefcases or Lunch Boxes, Wedding Themed Activity Books, Set up a Kids Only Tent.

How about hanging a piñata and not only letting just the kids but also the Bride and/or Groom get a few swings in with the kids! Corn hole Toss is always a blast or Wedding Ring Toss is easy with a few painted bottles and rings. I could go on and on with tons of awesome ideas, but I think you get the vision and most likely have imagined several options yourself.

kids at a wedding reception

Having kids at your Wedding is not a challenge if you take a little time to plan out activities for them, the ideas are endless and will allow the adults to enjoy the reception without worries.


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